40K Tactics: Imperial Guard Basilisks

The release of the latest Imperial Guard codex opened up a wealth of heavy armour possibilities for all you ‘Treadheads’ out there. The Leman Russ variants took centre stage, but for me, it’s the artillery that really shine. Only one of these is available 'off-the-shelf' for now (although this may change), and it has recently received a minor revamp and reboxing, of course, this is the Basilisk.

40K Tactics and Thoughts: Chaos Bikes, Table or Shelf?

An email from Rhinocaps to BOLS sparked a thought in my mind. I'm building up a World Eaters army at the moment, but never once did I even consider using bikes. Am I right in my ignorance, or am I missing a trick?

40K Tactics: Doubling Up - Part 2

Back in part 1, we briefly looked at preparing for a doubles game. Now, it's time to discuss playing the game!

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