Age of the Emperor Armies

This weekend was the event entitled "Age of the Emperor: The Great Scouring" run by the Tempus Fugitives. Here's a selection of photos from the event for you viewing pleasure!

The Project List

Currently the list of projects is:

  1. Forlong the Fat - Golden Demon Entry
  2. Ogre Maneater - Golden Demon Entry
  3. Finish Brass Scorpion and Blood Slaughterers
  4. New Army - Possibly some WFB Tzeentch Warriors of Chaos?

40K Doubles - Prospero Burns

All being well, Games Workshop will be holding their annual 40K Doubles tournament in January. There's no confirmation yet, but after a great response in 2010, I am sure they'll be going for it. The rules are normally thus: Two players, each with 750pts. Each must have 1HQ and 1Troops. The remainder of the combined army then has to conform to the standard FOC, but you must take one Elite, one Fast Attack and one Heavy Support before you can take a second selection from any of them. You may of course include more Troops without restriction.

40K: Radical Daemonhunters

With GW releasing the Daemonhunters and Witchhunters codices on their website in the near future, there's a bit of renewed interest in the forces of the inquisition. Now the rumored Grey Knights codex is said to be on its way in early 2011, but we honestly aren't sure what it may include!

40K: Pre Heresy World Eaters using Codex BA

Everyone is going Blood Angel mad around here. There’s Storm Raven conversions going on, debates about special characters and why the Blood Angels would bother fitting Lucifer pattern engines into a Whirlwind! I couldn’t resist having a go with them, and I just happen to have a suitable army sitting around at home, my pre-heresy World Eaters.

40K Tactics: Imperial Guard Basilisks

The release of the latest Imperial Guard codex opened up a wealth of heavy armour possibilities for all you ‘Treadheads’ out there. The Leman Russ variants took centre stage, but for me, it’s the artillery that really shine. Only one of these is available 'off-the-shelf' for now (although this may change), and it has recently received a minor revamp and reboxing, of course, this is the Basilisk.

40K Tactics and Thoughts: Chaos Bikes, Table or Shelf?

An email from Rhinocaps to BOLS sparked a thought in my mind. I'm building up a World Eaters army at the moment, but never once did I even consider using bikes. Am I right in my ignorance, or am I missing a trick?

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