40K Doubles - Prospero Burns

All being well, Games Workshop will be holding their annual 40K Doubles tournament in January. There's no confirmation yet, but after a great response in 2010, I am sure they'll be going for it. The rules are normally thus: Two players, each with 750pts. Each must have 1HQ and 1Troops. The remainder of the combined army then has to conform to the standard FOC, but you must take one Elite, one Fast Attack and one Heavy Support before you can take a second selection from any of them. You may of course include more Troops without restriction.

My friend Matt and I are planning to attend with a Pre-Heresy force based on the attack on Prospero. Ironic really, since Matt's favourite army is the Thousand Sons. I'll be taking pre-heresy Space Wolves, while Matt will bring along his Custodian Guard (using the Grey Knights rules).

My current thought for a list is:

HQ - Othere Wyrdmake - Rune Priest with Chosen of the Slain
Troops - 5 Grey Hunters with Meltagun in a Razorback with Twin Heavy Bolters (Counts as Saemunder Rhino)
Elite - 5 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour, 2 Combi-Meltas, 1 Cyclone Missile Launcher
Fast Attack - Land Speeder
Heavy Support - Land Raider Phobos, Extra Armour

From chatting to Matt, I think he's thinking of something like:

HQ - Brother Captain (Valdor)
Troops - 7 Grey Knights
Troops - 7 Grey Knights
Heavy - Land Raider Crusader

It's never going to win many games, but it'll be a good fun list to play with. Mind you, with two Land Raiders on the board, both with good assault troops in them, it'll give people something to think about!!

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