40K: Pre Heresy World Eaters using Codex BA

Everyone is going Blood Angel mad around here. There’s Storm Raven conversions going on, debates about special characters and why the Blood Angels would bother fitting Lucifer pattern engines into a Whirlwind! I couldn’t resist having a go with them, and I just happen to have a suitable army sitting around at home, my pre-heresy World Eaters.

Last week, in a post about building a World Eaters army, I mentioned my already completed pre-heresy force. This, like its traitor counterpart, is built for a campaign weekend being run by a UK club called the Tempus Fugitives. These weekends, like BOLS’s Warhammer 30,000 rules, uses variations on the Space Marine codex to represent the various legions. However, now I’ve started with my post-heresy force, I have a roughly 2500pt army sat there, gathering dust, and the newly released BA codex gives me an opportunity to use them in ‘normal’ 40K games. However, they were never built with this in mind, so we’ll just have to see how it all fits in!

Here’s the army and some pictures of what’s in it. Unfortunately, as always seems to happen, I had to rush to finish the army before the event, so the painting ended up being hurried and poor. I keep meaning to go back and work on them, but like most of us, newer, more exciting projects take over!

Kharn, complete with his command squad. Apothecary, Champion, 2 with PF/SS and one with 2LCs. Mounted in a Rhino
2 Assault Squads in Rhinos, both with flamers. One sergeant has a power fist, the other a power sword
1 Assault Squad with jump packs. The sergeant has a thunder hammer.
1 Tactical Squad with missile launcher, meltagun and a sergeant with a power axe.
Terminator assault squad, all with 2LCs, mounted in a Land Raider.
Dreadnought, with 2 DCCWs in a Drop Pod

With that in mind, and with a 1500pt game looming at the weekend, here’s the list I am planning on taking. It will be my first outing with Codex BA.

HQ: Captain with Power Weapon and Plasma Pistol (Kharn) – 130pts
Elite: Furioso Dread, 2 Blood Fists (1 HF, 1 Melta), Extra Armour, Drop Pod – 185pts
Troops: Assault Squad, Power Fist, Flamer, Rhino – 240pts
Troops: 9-Man Assault Squad, Power Weapon, Flamer, Rhino – 212pts
Troops: Tactical Squad, Power Weapon, Missile Launcher, Meltagun, Rhino – 240pts
Elite: Terminator Assault Squad, Land Raider, Extra Armour – 465pts
Total: 1472pts

Totals just under 1500pts, so I will put a few meltabombs in to give me some anti-tank! I'll let you know how it goes!

When I get time, I really want to neaten up and add to this army. Gabriel Seth could easily substitute for a World Eater character, with that massive chainsword of his! I might change one of the assault squads into Berzerkers, using the Death Company rules, and the Dreadnought into a Berzerker (Death Company) Dreadnought to go with them.

I am hoping to get some photos of UK Golden Demon winner Matt Hooton’s Thousand Sons force over the weekend, as well as some of his thoughts for using Magnus’s legion in 40K. Until then, if you have any comments, or you have a fantastic idea for an article, please drop me an email at strangleweb@googlemail.com

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