40K Codex - Release Order

Blimey, how much is this being debated...!

The latest info I have is this:
  1. Blood Angels
  2. Dark Eldar (70% sure)
  3. Inquisition!! (30% sure)

Not sure how accurate that is, everyone at GWHQ is being very well behaved, damn them!

I am really hoping for good things from that Inquistion codex if it materialises. There is a lot of debate about whether the Chambers Militant (Grey Knights, Sisters and Deathwatch) will be included or not, I'm honestly unsure. Things I personally would hope to see included:
  • No losses from the current army lists, or at least no major ones
  • Assassins
  • Both GKs and Sisters remaining
  • Deathwatch kill teams and some other Deathwatch units
  • Update to Stormtroopers, maybe with a few more weapon options
  • Valkyries!
  • Decent options for radical inquisitors
Model wise, maybe the following:
  • Plastic Grey Knights
  • Plastic Sisters
  • Plastic Stormtroopers
  • Inquisition vehicle door set perhaps?
  • A few fancy inquisitor sculpts (the current ones are quite good, especially considering they are fairly old)
  • A wider range of henchmen
We'll just have to wait and see, it might be a pipe dream!

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