Daemonhunters Campaign Force

I'm currently taking part in a 40K campaign at Warhammer World. For almost every game in recent months I've been using my World Eaters, so I fancied revisiting one of my older armies. So, cue the resurection of my Radical Daemonhunters.

These were originally done for the 13th Black Crusade event at Warhammer World in 2008, where they took on the hordes of Abaddon and did very well indeed. Unfortunately, I only have approximately 1000pts worth, with the remainder being made up of inducted allies. Traditionally I have used Imperial Guard, but I fancied cracking out the Raven Guard too, so this time I'm going to induct them instead.

Here's the list I've been running with:

HQ: Inquisitor Lord - Psycannon, Psychic Hood, 2 Sages, 2 Mystics, 3 Gun-Servitors (2 Heavy Bolters, 1 Plasma Cannon) [222pts]
Elite: Callidus Assassin [120pts]
Elite: 2 Daemonhosts [170pts]
Elite: Inquisitor - Incinerator [40pts]
Troops: 6 Stormtroopers - 2 Meltaguns, Rhino with extra armour [135pts]
Troops: 6 Stormtroopers - 2 Flamers, Rhino with extra armour [125pts]
Troops: 5 Stormtroopers - 2 Plasmaguns [70pts]
Troops: Inducted Tactical Squad - 5 Extra Marines, Meltagun, Multimelta, Razorback [215pts]
Troops: Inducted Tactical Squad - 5 Extra Marines, Flamer, Heavy Bolter [170pts]
Heavy Support: Inducted Devestator Squad - 5 Extra Marines, 4 Missile Launchers [230pts]

Up to yet, I have two draws. The first was against a Terminator Armour, Space Wolf list. The game was Seize Ground with 5 objectives, we ended up with 1 each, and 1 contested. The second was against Daemons, an annihilation mission. Unfortunately, the large number of kill points in my force worked against me. All he had left at the end was one squad of horrors, and an immobilised Soul Grinder. However, I had only lost half my force, but that was 7 KPs each.

So essentially, the list is there for fun, and if I can get some results with it, then all the better. I can't see me doing very well against a lot of things though.

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