Hobby Thoughts: The Balancing Act

This hobby of ours is a bit of a balancing act on so many levels. Ambition v Time. Cost v Funds. This time I would like to talk about an old favourite, Painting v Gaming.

Like a lot of you, I have been following Bulwark's Leviathan Log with great interest. I was reading his latest post, and the though hit me - "That must have taken a while." All this effort is going into an amazing model, but he will probably only use this a handful of times on the battlefield. This in turn got me thinking about how much time we pour into this hobby outside of our games, whether that be a lot or a little.

A member of our local club has recently converted three Tervigons for his Tyranids. I'll be brutally honest, he hasn't put a great deal of effort into them, and they just look like Carnifex's with a back problem. He doesn't mind though, as all he cares about is getting those three monsterous creature troops choices on the board for his next game. He builds armies to play and win games, and the modelling and painting side of it comes a very distant second.

Another friend of mine is the opposite. He is an exceptional painter (he has 2 golden demons and a string of best army awards), and mostly builds highly elite armies that require as few models as possible, so he can pour his time and effort into as few models as possible. He has spent untold hours on single models, but the results are spectacular. Having said that, he only builds a new 1500pt army maybe once every 2 years.

I would say I'm in-between. I like to spend the time making my armies respectable enough that I can put them on the field of battle and be proud. Having said that, I rarely spend more than a few hours on a single model, preferring to have a good sized army with plenty of choice for army selection. I often have a deadline to work to, like a tournament, so sometimes I have to sacrifice modelling and painting results in order to get finished in time. In the last few years I've done pre-heresy world eaters, radical daemonhunters, a full battle company in drop pods, fallen Dark Angels etc etc... All of them were a last minute rush! (I'll show you some photos of these in upcoming weeks as I talk about the various tactics I've been trying.)

I guess most of us are like me, somewhere in the middle. But, who are those on the extremes? Is that you? What amazing painting or modelling project have you got going on, or what new force are you rapidly painting in just enough colours to get on the tabletop? Let's hear your stories!

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